About the Artist 

SPISH (formerly Spacefish) is somewhat indescribable. Some call it avant-indie, some call it American Gothic. The 3-piece suit from Pittsburgh, PA recently released their 3rd independently produced album, “Building A Family”. The album swims into the strangest of human psyches, telling sideways tales of religious loyalty, manipulative love, and the cult-like journey of popular opinions. 

About the Session 

The interviews were filmed at Java Studios in Lawrenceville, PA on August 7, 2017 and at WQED Pittsburgh in Oakland, PA on November 16, 2017. The performance of "The Great Denial" was recorded at The Rex Theater in the South Side, PA on May 7, 2017

Production Team 

Producer/Photographer/Editor: Amy Grove
Associate Producer/ Photographer: Alisyn Blackwell
Associate Producer/ Photographer: Zak Boyle
Associate Producer/ Photographer: Anne Casper