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RAD Interview - Jason Riley - Tickets for Kids - Jul 17, 2019

Tickets for Kids provides free access for low-income and at-risk kids to attend the arts, cultural, educational, and athletic venues of their community.  Executive Director, Jason Riley, stopped by WQED-FM to tell us more about this community resource!



Jonathan Eaton - 2019 Pittsburgh Festival Opera - Jul 16, 2019

Jonathan Eaton stopped by the QED Morning Show with Anna Singer to discuss Pittsburgh Festival Opera's upcoming production of Wagner's "The Valkyrie" taking place at the Falk Auditorium at Winchester Thurston, on July 19th and July 27th.



RAD Interview - South Hills Chorale - Jul 16, 2019

Rick Smith of the South Hills Chorale stopped by WQED-FM to tell us about the group - it's history, along with plans for their 2019-2020 season.



Aeolian Winds - Bach, Beethoven and Brunch - Jul 15, 2019

This Sunday, 10:30am at Mellon Park, the Aeolian Winds will perform a free concert.   Peggy Greb stopped by to talk to WQED-FM's Lauren Clouser to talk about their program.



RAD Interview - Chamber Music Pittsburgh - Kristen Linfante - Jul 15, 2019

The Executive Director of Chamber Music Pittsburgh, Kristen Linfante, stopped by WQED-FM to talk about all things Chamber Music Pittsburgh - their summer series, the upcoming season, their outreach and education projects, and what pieces Kristin is working on at the moment!



Alex Jones - Pittsburgh Festival Winds - Jul 12, 2019

The Pittsburgh Festival Winds return to Bach, Beethoven and Brunch this Sunday, 10:30am at Mellon Park in Shadyside.  Alex Jones stopped by to tell us about their program, and why hearing free classical music is the perfect thing to do on a Sunday morning.

The Love of Danae - Pittsburgh Festival Opera - Jul 12, 2019

Some members of Pittsburgh Festival Opera stopped by WQED-FM to chat with Anna Singer about tonight's performance of Strauss' "The Love of Danae" - 7:30pm at the Falk Auditorium at Winchester Thurston School.

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble Live - Jul 12, 2019

Did you miss this afternoon's live performance by members of the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble??   Don't fear - here it is!!

PNME - Oscar Michaelsson - Jul 12, 2019

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble pianist Oscar Michaelsson talks about the Gershwin Sleepless night prelude which he plays this season with vocalization from Artistic Director Kevin Noe. Oscar was born in Sweden not far from Gothenburg. His Dad is a composer who loves the blues. He now lives in Vienna but he loves his time in the summer in Pittsburgh.  He plays the long unpublished prelude in the WQED-FM studio on the Gibson Capital management Steinway.   

RAD Interview - Hayley Haldeman - Mattress Factory - Jul 11, 2019

Interim Executive Director of the Mattress Factory, Hayley Haldeman, spoke with WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham about the latest news from the Mattress Factory, the importance of art for Pittsburghers, and her love of classical music!