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EPISODE 11: Activism

Many people feel that their voice doesn't matter. But sometimes all it takes is one person to effect change. In this episode, meet people who were moved by societal concerns to take action for the first time.

EPISODE 10: The Prison System

Over 2 million Americans are incarcerated in jails, prisons, and juvenile correction institutions. Hear from formerly incarcerated local citizens reflect on their experiences, thoughts, and hopes for changing America’s criminal justice system.

EPISODE 9: Why Words Matter

The English language remains filled with commonly-used words and idioms that began as slurs or insults to certain ethnic groups. Explore how derogatory terms enter the lexicon, and why words matter.

EPISODE 8: The Generational Wealth Gap

It's a systemic inequity that dates back hundreds of years. A stark absence of generational wealth among African American families often leads to insurmountable obstacles, including debt and inability to own a home.

EPISODE 7: Gentrification & Displacement

As Pittsburgh’s cost of living continues to rise, we look at gentrification and its impact on the city’s marginalized communities. When developers descend on Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, who stands to gain and lose?

EPISODE 6: Mental Health and the Black Community

African Americans experience mental health issues in a number of ways yet only one in three Black adults who need mental health care receive it. Hear from those who are overcoming the stigma of mental health treatment and breaking barriers.

EPISODE 5: A Childbirth Crisis

Decades of inequity in the healthcare system have led to a crisis in Black maternal health. Mothers and babies are dying in childbirth at an alarming rate, much higher than their White counterparts.

EPISODE 4: Can I Make a Difference?

Some young people show early indications of future community involvement or activism. In this episode, Pittsburgh area youth talk about today’s social climate, racism, inequity and much more.

EPISODE 3: Pittsburghers on Racism and Resilience

Pittsburghers of different racial and ethnic backgrounds share their encounters with racism and discrimination in this region.

EPISODE 2: Shades of Love

In recent months, discussions on racism and equity are more prevalent in American homes. And those topics have special significance for people in interracial marriages or partnerships.

EPISODE 1: The Most Livable City, for Who?

Among U.S. cities, Pittsburgh ranks poorly in many areas involving racial equity. In this episode of VOICES, a diverse group of community leaders and activists share their thoughts on how to improve our region's lack of progress.

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