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Racism, police brutality, disparities in education, careers, health care, economic opportunity, business and housing - are just some of the issues that have long plagued Pittsburgh's African American and other marginalized communities. It's important to know who's already working for change. But how can others get involved? Whose positive efforts are going unnoticed? WQED's new video documentary series hopes to create dialogue by sharing the thoughtful voices of a diverse group – different backgrounds, different ideas, different goals - all working towards equity.

EPISODE 6: Mental Health and the Black Community
African Americans experience mental health issues in a number of ways yet only one in three Black adults who need mental health care receive it. In this episode, we talk to Black Pittsburghers who share their lived stories of being Black, overcoming the stigma of mental health treatment and breaking barriers.

EPISODE 5: A Childbirth Crisis
Decades of inequity in the healthcare system have led to a crisis in Black maternal health. Mothers and babies are dying in childbirth at an alarming rate, much higher than their White counterparts.

EPISODE 4: Can I Make a Difference?
Some young people show early indications of future community involvement or activism. In this episode, Pittsburgh area youth talk about today’s social climate, racism, inequity and much more.

EPISODE 3: Pittsburghers on Racism and Resilience
Pittsburghers of different racial and ethnic backgrounds share their encounters with racism and discrimination in this region. They reflect on their personal healing while offering thoughts on the challenges and possibilities for change.

EPISODE 2: Shades of Love
In recent months, discussions on racism and equity are more prevalent in American homes. And those topics have special significance for people in interracial marriages or partnerships. Two couples of different generations reflect on their personal experiences, and share their thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

EPISODE 1: The Most Livable City, for Who?
Among U.S. cities, Pittsburgh ranks poorly in many areas involving racial equity. In this episode of VOICES, a diverse group of community leaders and activists share their thoughts on how to improve our region's lack of progress - and the need for more than just a few to get involved in finding solutions.