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Woodward Was One of the First Streets to Adapt to the Car

Woodward Avenue in Detroit was one of the first streets to fully adapt to the automobile.

Web Extra: Segregation on Streetcars

Richard Campanella, professor at Tulane University, talks about segregation in New Orleans

Web Extra: Artifacts of the Boston Post Road

Many historic remnants can still be found along today's Boston Post Road.

Web Extra: Van Buren vs. Horse

Former President Martin Van Buren fell from his horse-drawn carriage on the National Road.

Web Extra: How A Highway Paved the Way to Opportunities

The Lincoln Highway gave women and people of color unprecedented freedom to travel.

Web Extra: The Fight to Remember Black Wall Street

Reconciliation Park is an effort to remember and learn from the devastation in Tulsa, OK.

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Towns | Seaside, FL

Seaside, Florida. Founded by R. Davis, A. Duany, and E. Plater-Zyberk in 1981.

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