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What Needs to Change to Make College More Affordable?

College in the U.S. costs a LOT. But why?

Mental Health Content On TikTok: What You Should Know

Insights on how to get the most value from mental health content on TikTok.

Why Do We Still Work 40 Hours A Week?

What would happen if we reduced the 40-hour work week?

What Are Possible Solutions for Inflation?

What you need to know about inflation economics.

Inflation: What's Really Causing It?

f it seems like things are more expensive these days, it’s because they are! Here's why.

Why Gender Neutral Pronouns Are Nothing New

Pronouns are small but controversial words - especially when it comes to gender identity.

Why Are We Still Using Animals For Medical Research?

Much of the animal testing we do isn’t necessary anymore, but we keep doing it. Why?

Why Are People Banning Books?

Why are books getting BANNED lately, especially those that focus on LGBTQ youth or racism?

How Indigenous Communities Are Fighting Climate Change

Indigenous communities across the globe are experts at managing and protecting land.

Who (or What) Controls What You See On Social Media?

Why do you see what you see online and on social media? How can it influence your ideas?

Does Canceling People Actually Change Them?

What happens when students start canceling each other?

What Happens If You Take ADHD Drugs And You Don’t Have ADHD?

Can ADHD meds like Adderall turn you into a better student with better grades?

The Secret Economy of Conspiracy Theories

Why do you love conspiracy theories and who’s profiting from spreading them?

What Can Billionaires In Space Do For Us?

How will billionaires in space benefit us?

The Lasting Impact of Native American Residential Schools

Myles investigates the impact of Native American residential schools.

Can #MeToo Change The Culture In High Schools?

Students are leading #metoo movements around the world in their high schools

Can You Make People Change Their Minds On Social Media?

Learn how to respectfully engage with people you don’t agree with online.

Why Are We So Lonely, And What Can Be Done About It?

Why is each generation lonelier than the one that came before it?

About Above The Noise

ABOVE THE NOISE is a show that cuts through the hype and takes a deeper look at the research and facts behind controversial and trending topics in the news. Hosted by Myles Bess.

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