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Pancake Science

Cook up some delicious buttermilk pancakes and work in serious math and science lessons.

Electric Play Dough and Circuits for Kids

Amp up the fun and have the kids learn about electricity with this experiment!

Writer's Club for Kids

Build creative and literacy skills with a writers club for kids.

Pen Pals

Having a pen pal helps kids practice skills in literacy, writing and geography.

Exploring Feelings

Help your kids flex their Emotional Intelligence with these fun and easy ideas.

Making Toys with Kids

Tinkering with toys is a fun way to sneak in some math and science.

How To Raise Confident Readers with Bedtime Stories

Find tips on how to raise a confident reader.

Charity Starts at Home

In this episode, follow the Coopers as they explore the concept of charity.

Living Global: Morocco

Take a trip to another country without ever leaving your living room! Visit Morocco!

Learning About Trees

Fall is a great time of year for going on a nature hike to learn about trees.

Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Help kids learn shapes with a shapes scavenger hunt!

Farmers Market

Make working with a budget fun! Practice math and social skills at the farmers' market.


Encourage your kids to look to the stars by making pocket star guides. Then go stargazing!

About Adventures in Learning

Adventures in Learning with Jennifer Cooper shows busy parents creative and clever ways to enhance their children's science, math, literacy and social emotional skills at home.

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