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Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela and Spit on the Broom

The stories of the African National Congress youth league and the United Order of Tents.

Gilda Brasileiro: Against Oblivion

One woman’s fight to expose the history of a 19th century slave-trading post in Brazil.

Daddy and the Warlord

A daughter’s quest to learn why her father collaborated with war criminal Charles Taylor.


Follow an African immigrant woman and the challenges she faces as she pursues her dreams.

My Friend Fela and Birth of Afrobeat

The stories of Nigerian musician Fela Keti and drummer Tony Allen, and the genre Afrobeat.

About AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange

Many complicated, opposing and controversial viewpoints are often presented about Africans, African Americans and people of the African Diaspora. AfroPoP: THE ULTIMATE CULTURAL EXCHANGE is at the forefront in bringing informative and entertaining films about modern life in the African Diaspora to television audiences in the U.S.

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