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Maine: Embrace the Cold

In a state with long and icy winters, Mainers embrace the cold.

Utah: Choose Your Path

Discover the healing power of nature in Utah.

Oregon: New Heights

Discover Oregon’s wild landscapes and how they shape its outdoor culture.

New Mexico: Timeless

Baratunde explores how New Mexico’s deep history shapes people’s outdoor lives.

Arkansas: Hidden Gems

Arkansas is on a mission to earn recognition as a wild mecca.

Suwannee: Wild River

Baratunde journeys down one of the last wild rivers in America, the Suwannee.

About America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston

AMERICA OUTDOORS with BARATUNDE THURSTON returns with a brand-new season as the best-selling writer, podcaster and comedian travels the country to uncover our complex relationship with the outdoors. From biologists saving snapping turtles to BIPOC mountain bikers, Baratunde meets a fascinating cast of characters with one thing in common: a passion for being outside.

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