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Agricultural Workers

Discover how agricultural work has changed.

Air Traffic Controller

Learn more about air traffic control.

Analyze This

Find out what we can learn from analyzing traffic.

Bee Killer

Find out what’s killing the honey bees.

Black Out

Learn what happen when the lights go out.

California Wind Power

Learn more about renewable energy sources in California.


Find out how a food product can become something we crave.

Crop Spraying

Go on a journey with Robert Grace the crop sprayer.

Flight of the Honey Bee

Track the honey bee as it pollinates America’s crops.

Globalized Food Market

Discover where the food we produce goes.

Growing Tomatoes

Find out where your tomatoes come from.

Harvest Time

Meet harvester, Roger Sammons in this video.

Introduction to Manufacturing

An introduction to episode four, Made in the USA

Keeping Las Vegas Moving

Discover how Las Vegas deals with traffic.

Nuclear Power

Learn more about Nuclear Energy.

Pesticides and GM Crops

Discover how farmers combat crop pests.

Pizza Delivery

Following the journey of a pizza delivery guy on a Friday night.

Predicting The Future

Find out what a futurist does.


Learn more about advances in robotic technology.

Shasta Dam

Find out more about one of the highest Dams in America.

The American Steak

Find out what makes our steaks taste so good.

The Dining Galaxy

How many fast food restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores do we have?

The Future of Food

What does the future hold for our food machine?

The Microchip

Learn more about the microchip.

Wasting Energy

Learn more about how much energy we waste.

Wind Power

Learn more about Wind power.

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Nation On The Move

Episode two of America Revealed, Nation on the Move with host Yul Kwon.

Electric Nation

Episode three of America Revealed, Electric Nation with host Yul Kwon.

Made In The USA

Episode four of America Revealed, Made in the USA with host Yul Kwon.

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