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People Share Their Stories Of Arriving In The United States

People across their country share their stories of coming to the United States.

A College Student Dreams Of Becoming A Doctor

Mahsa prepares to take the MCAT, hoping to get into her dream neurology program at NYU.

A Pilot Pursues His Dream Of Starting An Airline

Gunnar, a pilot, has decided to pursue his dream of running his own airline in Alaska.

A Couple Dreams Of Buying A Home Together

Tyler and Bre are a couple committed to achieving their white picket fence dreams.

Dreaming of Fame

People across America share their dreams of achieving fame.

A Wrestler Pursues His Dream of Going Pro

A wrestler and his family make sacrifices to support his dream of going pro.

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"I Work"

Everyday people share self-shot stories about their jobs and what it means to work.

"I Keep"

Across America, people film themselves as they try to preserve or change traditions.

"I Rise"

First-person stories take you inside the movement for an antiracist future.

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