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Dolphins Can Use Technology!?

We learn about the tremendous brainpower dolphins really have!

There Are No Actual ‘Lion Kings’

Sorry to ruin your childhood, but a "lion king" doesn't exist. But, here is what does!

Otters: Cute, Playful, Geniuses?

Otters are some of the most beloved creatures in the water but are they geniuses too?

This Rat Can Drive a Car?

Find out the amazing things we can learn about Rats!

Elephants: Do Giant Brains Mean More Smarts?

Let's explore, outside of memory, how intelligent elephants are.

Baby Penguins Can Navigate Better than You

Penguins are fascinating creatures, not just because of their physical characteristics.

Foxes: Dog Hardware, Cat Software

What can we learn about animal intelligence​ from domesticated foxes​?

How Intelligent are Dogs, Really?

Did we domesticate the brains out of our favorite companions?

About Animal IQ

We know animals are intelligent, but what we don’t know is how to compare the intelligence of one animal to another. Our Animal IQ Rubric helps us measure five domains of intelligence to finally answer the question: how smart are Earth’s animals?

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