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Antarctica’s Penguins Taught Us Surprising Life Lessons

When in Antarctica, meeting penguins is an absolute must. But it’s not always easy.

Exploring Antarctica's Active Volcano Mt. Erebus

Mount Erebus is the southernmost active volcano on Earth.

What Do You Eat in Antarctica?

How do the scientists and support personnel stay fed?

Why Don’t Fish Freeze in Antarctica?

How do Antarctica’s fish survive in waters below their freezing point?

Where Does the Poop in Antarctica Go?

What happens to all the garbage—and human poop—in Antarctica?

Exploring Antarctica's Threatened Glaciers (with a Robot)

A 12-foot-long robot named Icefin explores places where no boat nor diver can reach.

What is it Like to Live in Antarctica?

Arlo and Caitlin meet the people who find themselves in Antarctica year after year.

Why is this Antarctic Glacier “Bleeding?”

Antarctica has a glacier that bleeds red. (At least, that’s what it looks like.)

How Antarctica’s Cutest Baby Seals Grow Up

Hosts Caitlin and Arlo travel to an Antarctic Weddell seal colony during pupping season.

Antarctica: Journey to the Bottom of the Earth

It’s the most remote natural lab on Earth, which means getting there is no easy feat.

About Antarctic Extremes

Journey to Antarctica in a new digital series from NOVA and PBS Digital Studios, and discover what it takes to do science in Earth's most remote natural laboratory. Hosts Caitlin Saks and Arlo Pérez set up shop at the largest research base in Antarctica and embed with scientists and support staff alike to find out what it’s like to live, work and do science on our southernmost continent.

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