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Recording for Dodie

A daughter captures the experience of being distanced from her father during the pandemic.

The Lookout

A refugee experiences freedom after being behind bars. But is threatened with deportation.


Two Filipinx cousins grapple with what remains of their dreams, after losing one father.

My Chinatown, With Aloha

A fourth generation Chinese American explores her family’s ties to Honolulu's Chinatown.


After the FedEx shooting, the Sikh community grieves while navigating the investigation.

In Living Memory

After the family's nail salon closes, a filmmaker and mother articulate their legacy.

On All Fronts

A biracial family navigates conversations about racial reckoning and its impact on them.

About Asian American Stories of Resilience and Beyond

While Asian Americans have faced a double pandemic of COVID-19 and anti-Asian racism, the rise of solidarity efforts within Asian American and other BIPOC communities gives us moments of joy, resilience, and hope as we rebuild our lives. The series of seven documentary shorts move beyond the pandemic and reflect the complexities of Asian American experiences in this critical moment.

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