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On Genius

On Genius

How AI Will Shake Up Business — and Society

Unlike the internet, AI is not a new industry

America’s Online Enemies

State-sponsored cyber-spies and transnational organized crime groups pose urgent threats

A Democrat, a Republican, a Rental Car — and a Road Map to B

They invited America to join them via FB live, and through their spontaneous town hall

We constantly strive to engage and surprise each other, our

Suddenly, machines are learning from gigantic expanding data sets at rapid rates.

Tuning In: Classical Music and the Creative Mind (includes l

We constantly strive to engage and surprise each other, our inventiveness giving us reason

The Second Mountain: The Next Big Challenge in Your Life

The Second Mountain: The Next Big Challenge in Your Life

Are We Sure We Want to Let Robots Kill?

At an alarming rate, militaries from around the globe are employing AI

Protecting Earth’s Last Conservation Frontier: The High Seas

The high seas comprise 40 percent of the surface of our planet

Inventing Plan B: How to Move Forward without a Template

Most of us face the desire to be creative within busy, scheduled lives.

Hacking, Disinformation, and a New Cold War with Russia

Hacking, Disinformation, and a New Cold War with Russia

Climate Under Conservatives

Can such a business-led effort toa promote carbon dividends

Will the Rise of Populism Destroy Liberal Democracy?

How did we get here? How are Western values shifting? What might the future hold?

The Inside Story of How Presidents Prepare for Armageddon

How did these Cold War-era plans come together

Markets Can Solve the Global Energy and Climate Challenge, i

Markets Can Solve the Global Energy and Climate Challenge, if We Let Them

Economic Policy

Economic Policy

Hate on the Rise — And What We Can Do to Stop It ?

What groups are most frequently targeted today?

The Future of Human-Robot Interaction

The Future of Human-Robot Interaction

Aspen Ideas Festival Young Adult Forum

Aspen Ideas Festival Young Adult Forum

Art, Architecture, and Justice

How does culture help us learn from history and inform today’s struggles?

Who’s Generating the New Jobs, and What Skills Will Workers

For those of us who will be hired, what skills should we possess?

On Founders

On Founders

Muslims and Jews in America

What’s the state of this historically fraught relationship?

Might the Past Inform Our Future?

What might we learn from the past about the current state of politics?

The Future of News: Is There a War on Truth?

Susan Page is Washington bureau chief of USA Today.

Philanthropy and Democracy: Dangerous Liaisons

What, if anything, confers democratic legitimacy on foundations?

The America I Have Come to Know through StoryCorps

The America I Have Come to Know through StoryCorps

Is the Internet Broken?

The tough and interesting question is: How can we fix it?

Manufacturing in America: The Millennial Way

Time to start listening to the growing set of young entrepreneurs

Stopping the Violence in Chicago: Lessons for America’s Citi

What do they think it will take for meaningful change to happen?

Lying, Bullshitting, and Truth Telling: When is the Truth th

Lying, Bullshitting, and Truth Telling: When is the Truth the Truth

Managing Through Disruption

Managing Through Disruption

Trump + Brexit and a New World Order

Against a backdrop of rising populism, weakening of traditional political parties

What Would Madison Think?

What Would Madison Think

Whom Can We Trust?

What can leaders of institutions do to restore faith in institutions?

Creative Genius, Derived from Nature

Chicago architect Jeanne Gang is one of the most celebrated architects in her adopted city

Mother Nature Is Cruel. Should Humans Intervene?

Should we ever intentionally drive a species extinct?

The Privacy Paradox

Privacy Paradox experiment on WNYC’s “Note to Self,” along with ProPublica senior reporter

Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White

What role does faith play in his quest to bring people together?

Good Companies, Good Jobs — Are They Also Good Stocks?

What constitutes a “good job”? What roles should business and gov. play in creating them?

Markets and Investing in a Dynamic World

What are the drivers of economic growth and opportunity in a changing world?

Conservatism, the Republican Party, and President Trump

Will President Trump and the party’s traditional conservatives ever get in sync?

What Turns a Skater Kid from Colorado into a Fighter for ISI

Graeme Wood is a national correspondent for The Atlantic and a lecturer at Yale University

Has American Grand Strategy Gone Missing?

Do we still have a coherent grand strategy about the country we want to be and our role

Jeff Koons: American Imagination

Join in a conversation about creating wonder

Why Investing in Good Companies Makes Economic Sense

Can companies determined to support solutions to some of society’s larger dilemmas

Making Tech Humane Again

Making Tech Humane Again

Afternoon Jam Session

Lyrical, musical, and physical acrobatics will introduce ideas and issues central to Ideas

Black in America Since MLK

Black in America Since MLK

Is the Internet a “Gift from God”?

Is the Internet a “Gift from God”

A Crack in Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power

Doudna joins Walter Isaacson in conversation about gene editing and the unthinkable power

Can Faith Help Unite Us in Divided Times?

Can Faith Help Unite Us in Divided Times

Music, Health, and Well-Being: Jon Batiste in Conversation w

Music can lift the spirits and help heal the body

Deep Dive: Breaking the Cycle: Health, Poverty, and the Soci

How do we tear down social, economic, and environmental barriers and build better health.

Health Legislation in the 115th Congress: Interview with Sen

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) offers an insider’s look at the policy

Celebrating the 80th Birthday of the National Cancer Institu

Past NCI directors gather at Spotlight Health to talk about the NCI’s evolution

Building a Caregiving Society

How do we build a caregiving infrastructure that can sustain us all?

A World without AIDS

Thirty-six million people have died of AIDS since 1981, and are living with HIV today

Undaunted: Defining Moments

In every leader's journey, there is a moment, or a series of moments, that stand out

The Neuroscience of Poverty

Poverty is a powerful stressor that influences growth and development in children

James Beard: America's First Foodie (Film and Discussion)

Learn why that claim is made in the new PBS American Masters documentary, James Beard.

Deep Dive: Preventing Pandemics

Infectious diseases represent one of the greatest threats to global health and security

Deep Dive: The Opioid Tsunami

240 million opioid scripts to Americans every year, the potential for abuse is enormous

Quelling Violent Extremism with Public Health Tools

Can health interventions really change hearts and minds and turn potentially violence?

Follow the Money: Investing in Health

What can we learn about the future of health care?

Health and US Politics

The population is deeply concerned about rising health care costs

Building Global Health Security from the Ground Up

Community health workers, social media networks, and local residents,fight against disease

Will People, Data, or Payments Drive Health Care into the Fu

Will a patient-centered, data-centered or payment-centered system ultimately dominate?

Whither Health Care Reform?

Discussing new approaches to the Affordable Care Act

Federal Health Policy: An Interview with Kathleen Sebelius,

Kathleen Sebelius, 21st secretary of HHS, discusses the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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