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Episode 1

Pietro witnesses a fatal explosion during a party at an old tuna factory.

Episode 2

Elena and Alessandro investigate an email sent to Caterina shortly before the explosion.

Episode 3

Caterina threatens to kill herself and Elena tries to reason with her.

Episode 4

The disappearance of the samples complicates the investigation.

Episode 5

Diana awakens from her coma but doesn’t seem to remember the last two years.

Episode 6

Elena does her best to help Caterina. Pietro tries to get Diana to open up.

Episode 7

Diana is found dead at the base of a cliff. But who pushed her, and why?

Episode 8

Does Caterina trust Elena enough to finally tell her the truth?

Episode 9

When Enrico is arrested, Grazia and Caterina face the consequences.

Episode 10

A fire breaks out at the headmistress’s house. What will it take to solve the mystery?

Episode 11

Pietro and Elena find Alessandro beaten up on his boat. But what really happened?

Episode 12

Fabrizio, Matteo and Caterina find the missing piece of the puzzle.

About Back to the Island

The small island of Carloforte overlooks the glittering Sardinian Sea. There, local pediatrician Pietro is tightly tied to his community. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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