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Our Game

Inning One: Our Game looks at the origins of baseball in the 1840s and up to 1900.

Something Like a War

Inning Two, Something Like a War, takes viewers through 1910.

The Faith of Fifty Million People

Inning Three, The Faith of Fifty Million People, examines the century's second decade.

A National Heirloom

Inning Four, A National Heirloom, concentrates on Babe Ruth.

Shadow Ball

Inning Five, Shadow Ball, tells the story of the Negro Leagues in the 1930s.

The National Pastime

Inning Six, The National Pastime, covers the 1940s.

The Capital of Baseball

Inning Seven, The Capital of Baseball, takes viewers through the 1950s.

A Whole New Ball Game

Inning Eight, A Whole New Ball Game, moves the field to the 1960s


Inning Nine, Home, looks at baseball from the 1970s to the 1990s.

About Baseball

The story of Baseball is the story of America. It is an epic overflowing with heroes and hopefuls, scoundrels and screwballs. It is a saga spanning the quest for racial justice, the clash of labor and management, the transformation of popular culture, and the unfolding of the national pastime.

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