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#FijiChallenge w/ Walshy Fire of Major Lazer

Beat making challenge number two - Moombahton beat from Fiji samples.

Sampling w/ Flip Flops and Ski Beatz

A man in Fiji hits a PVC pipe with a flip flop, and his sound meets a 17-year-old drummer.

Trapped In Paradise

The Beat Making Lab crew meets Fijian rapper/producer Dave Lavaki (aka Mr. Grin).

Heartbeats of Fiji

Ben searches for purpose, Masi follows a dream. Fiji Beat Making Lab brings them together.

Behind The Beat: First Beat Making Lab (2011)

The first Beat Making Lab was launched at UNC-Chapel Hill in the Fall semester of 2011.

Mashup: National Anthems

US National Anthem [Star Spangled Banner] + Black National Anthem

Walshy Fire [of Major Lazer] Wants Your Riddims

Make a dancehall riddim out of our Kora sample.

Get Your Drums Right

One of the cardinal rules of beat making is: start with sampled, not factory, drum sounds.

Health Worker Beat

Ina, a Senegalese student, takes a field trip to an Intrahealth hospital to make a beat.

Beat Making Challenge #2: Kora Riddim

Now it's your turn to create a riddim from a sampled kora.

Female Hip Hop Crew Makes Beats in Senegal

"The people need a female rapper," says Toussa, the president of GOTAL.

Behind the Beat: Portobelo

Behind the scenes of the production of the music video for the song, "Portobelo."

Portobelo (music video)

During a blackout in Panama, we filmed this amazing video with Yomira.

Episode 1: Goma, Congo

Professor Pierce Freelon and Apple Juice Kid make beats with youth in DRC, Africa.

Prof. Angel Sound Prison Beats Interview

Here is the full story about beat maker and DJ, Professor Angel Sound.

Field Trip: Prison Beats

In this video we make a beat in a Panamanian prison with Professor Angel Sound.

Diablos (music video)

Beat produced and lyrics written by the youth of Portobelo, Panama.

Beat Making Challenge #1: Accordion Trap

Meet Martin, a young accordion prodigy from Portobelo.

Panama: Meet the Kids Behind the Beats

Yaci, Osvaldo and Darin - three Panamanian youth - go from cowbell to MPC.

Exclusive Zenga (Music Video) by Flamme Kapaya

Zenga, is a global dance anthem by Congolese maverick guitarist Flamme Kapaya.

What's In the Backpack?

A Beat Making Lab is an electronic music studio small enough to fit in a backpack.

Cho Cho Cho (Music Video) filmed in Goma, Congo

Cho Cho Cho is the first music video by the youth of Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

About Beat Making Lab

We build studios in cultural centers around the world and train youth musicians in the art of beat making. Follow our adventures with new episodes here every Wednesday. Find us on Facebook at beatmakinglab, or chat us up on Twitter @beatmakinglab.

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