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Episode 1

Hanna Svensson takes over contact with an infiltrator placed in a criminal organization.

Episode 2

Hanna and Bjorn are on the kidnappers' trail. Their attempts to rescue Sven are foiled.

Episode 3

Hanna creates a clandestine group to investigate and reduce risk.

Episode 4

Davor Mimica opens contact with the Mobsters motorcycle gang.

Episode 5

Hanna is determined to meet her infiltrator, but “Inez” doesn't show up to the meeting.

Episode 6

Hannah and Christian disagree about the best path moving forward.

Episode 7

The net starts to close on Christian.

Episode 8

Christian is on the verge of a total breakdown after what happened to Stefan.

Episode 9

Blanka makes a terrible discovery.

Episode 10

Hannah gets a text message that changes everything. Blanka faces a difficult choice.

About Before We Die

In this compelling thriller, police detective Hanna Svensson steps in to handle a mysterious informant in a criminal organization when her colleague and lover, Sven, goes missing. From Walter's Choice, in Swedish with English subtitles.

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