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Eugene Kim Captures Important Moment in Asian-American Music

Kim’s ‘Cherry’ tells the story of a day-in-the-life of an R&B artist in 90s Daly City

Scars Become Badges of Honor in Talibah Newman’s Films

The Oakland-based filmmaker crafts rich stories from the perspective of children

Pete Lee’s Bold Filmmaking Traverses Genres

Loners, Rappers, and Lady Bank Robbers: Pete Lee Brings the Bay's Scrappy Vibrance To Life

Nijla Mu'min Creates a Black Muslim Coming-of-Age Story

Nijla Mu'min's 'Jinn' is a love letter to her family and religion.

In ‘Rodents of Unusual Size,’ Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

A documentary filmmaking team finds stories of resilience in surprising places.

Pamela Chavez's Magical Animation Tells Her Migration Story

A queer female filmmaker creates beauty out of the painful memories of her migration.

Leo Herrera Imagines an Alternate World Without AIDS

A filmmaker creates a sci-fi documentary honoring his lost LGBTQ heroes

Peter Nicks Navigates Opposing Worlds in 'The Force'

A look inside a filmmaker's effort to document the Oakland Police for two turbulent years

‘Moses’ Documentary About Homelessness Changes Lives

A conversation with the directors and Moses about how their film changed his life.

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Watch bold California indie filmmakers pushing the boundaries of their craft. Each episode captures the personal experiences that inform a filmmaker's work and the risks they take to bring stories to the screen. Step behind the lens and follow the journeys of a new generation of storytellers.

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