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Wilderness Day

Low glowing sun behind layers of thick, succulent foliage and ground cover.

In the Midst of Winter

Join Bob Ross as he paints this beautifully blue-toned cabin vista.

Lake at the Ridge

Guest artist Steve Ross shares his talents in this pretty mountain masterpiece.

Balmy Beach

Bob Ross drops a tropical seascape onto the canvas just before revealing a seashell shape.

Evergreen Valley

Bob Ross layers will make you want to paint this verdurous mountain scene.

Trail’s End

A cloudy big sky and a dense forest are the cozy background for this Bob Ross creation.

Bridge to Autumn

The covered bridge is a perfect subject for today’s Bob Ross painting.

View from Clear Creek

Soft background mountains against velvety foothills and contrasting lush ground cover.

Cabin in the Hollow

A snowy blue and purple masterpiece with an old wooden home will make you a believer.

Tranquility Cove

Bob Ross shows you the benefits of creating deep distance in a painting.

Winding Stream

Bob Ross paints a layered landscape that will make your day quiet and comfortable.

Before the Snowfall

A wintry spot complete with cozy cabin and evergreens.

Reflections of Calm

Watch Bob Ross paint an amazing mountain scene.

Silent Forest

Towering trees are the focus of this Bob Ross creation.

Country Creek

Bob Ross paints a clearing in the mountains featuring a creek splashing over stones.

Pastel Seascape

A sky of pink and yellow, blue water with white caps and a shoreline of sand dunes

Wintertime Blues

It’s all about the blues in this Bob Ross mountain painting.

Haven In The Valley

Bob Ross places a cabin at the base of the mountains, giving it a lovely pastel hue.

Deep Wilderness Home

Bob Ross paints a picture of solitude featuring a lone mountain cabin


This landscape painting with mountains in the background, plentiful fir trees and a lake

Purple Haze

Bob Ross paints with wonderful colors of blues, pinks, purples, greens and golds.

Russet Winter

Bob Ross paints a haven from the cold of winter and threatening skies.

Countryside Oval

Bob Ross paints ponds, foliage and mountains against a blue sky dotted with puffy clouds.

Around The Bend

Bob Ross paints a peaceful stream as it follows the curve of the wooded landscape.

Hint of Springtime

Bob Ross celebrates the season of new life emerging from the cold of winter.

Autumn Images

Bob Ross paints trees and bushes with golden color alongside a crystal blue.

Double Take

This mountain lake scene transitions from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring.

Hidden Delight

Bob Ross paints a barn that backs up against fir trees with a hazy autumn sky overhead.

Change of Seasons

Bob Ross paints this autumn mountain scene with trees of gold and red and a pastel sky.

Days Gone By

A well worn dirt road crosses a small bridge where Bob Ross has painted a barn

Winter Paradise

Bob Ross paints a snow covered mountain lake scene shaded with colors of pink and blue.

Autumn Fantasy

The tranquility of a Fall day in the mountains alongside a mirror-like lake.

Divine Elegance

Bob Ross paints a majestic mountain scene of towering trees and snow covered mountains.

Hazy Day

Bob Ross paints the landscape in shadows as the sun tries to burn through the clouds.

New Day’s Dawn

The colorful beauty of a sunrise can be enjoyed in this Bob Ross painting of a cabin.

Mystic Mountain

Bob Ross paints an inviting scene with snow covered mountains and a glass-like lake.

Rippling Waters

Bob Ross reflects the peacefulness of a gently flowing stream and a colorful sky.

Southwest Serenity

Bob Ross paints a pathway through a dry landscape with soft pastel skies above.

Enchanted Forest

Bob Ross awakens the imagination as he paints a narrow path through a canopy of trees.

Double Oval Stream

A peaceful forest scene with water tumbling over stones amid fall foliage.

Seascape Fantasy

Bob Ross paints a seascape full of pastel colors above the power of crashing waves.

Winter Lace

Bob Ross paints with pastel colors against the white of winter snow.

Golden Morning Mist

Bob Ross paints the dawning of a new day in this quiet forest glen.

Majestic Peaks

A snow covered mountain range complete with a tranquil lake and soft green brush.

Autumn Distinction

Summer fades into colors of golds, reds and yellows as Bob Ross paints a walking path

Crimson Oval

Bob Ross depicts the colorful season of fall with trees alive with golds and reds.

Mountain Seclusion

An amazing night winter scene in which Bob Ross tucks a snow covered cabin in under boughs

Absolutely Autumn

Bob Ross depicts the colorful season of fall with trees alive with golds and reds.

Half Oval Vignette

Bob Ross draws you into beautiful blue skies, distant mountains and a serene lake.

About The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Bob Ross relaxes viewers and encourages the painting hobbyist in THE BEST OF THE JOY OF PAINTING. Using his "wet-on-wet" technique, Bob paints natural scenes with bold strokes across the canvas, from cascading waterfalls to snow-covered forests. Bob Ross’ calm disposition and easy-to-follow instruction remind viewers that “there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

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