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The Attention Economy Needs to Change. But How?

So... Could you run Facebook better than Zuckerberg?

Your Emotions Are For Sale

The emerging monetization of your emotions.

Google Owns 28% of Your Brain

AI, voice assistants and neuroscience through the lens of philosophy.

How One Company Redefined Social Norms

Facebook's impact on society – how it's changed mass grief and other social norms.

The Psychological Tricks Keeping You Online

We take a look at persuasive design – and how good design persuades you every single day.

Big Tech's Battle For Our Attention

So, what's the price of your attention?

How Dana Scully Changed Science

How Dana Scully Changed Science

Why Willpower Doesn't Predict Your Success

The truth about the Marshmallow Test, delayed gratification, will power and success

How Magicians Trick Your Brain

Magicians use a number of psychological tricks to bring their performances to life.

Why Are We More Anxious Than Ever Before?

Let's take a look at some of the genetic and environmental factors that can cause anxiety.

The Antioxidant Benefits of Sleep ft. OTHER Vanessa Hill!

Why did sleep evolve, really? It may have to do with antioxidants.

Why Most Personality Tests Are Wrong

You're not a static personality type. Your personality traits can be shaped over time.

These Tiny Cells Shape Your Life

Branches of microglia are constantly looking for bits of synapses to nibble on.

How Jealousy Distorts Your Thinking

Getting jealous can warp your mind – here's what to do about it.

Ghosting: Why Some People Just Disappear

Ghosting occurs in romantic relationships, friends and the workplace. We can be better.

THE IKEA EFFECT ft. Joanna Hausmann!

People place a higher value on items they build themselves.

The Ancient Origins of Your Musical Brain

The way you process music emerged more than 300 million years ago.

Every Scientific Study on Arnold Schwarzenegger

How many scientific studies mention Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Why Are People So Passive-Aggressive?

We explore passive-aggressive behavior, the act of expressing aggression indirectly.

How Gaslighting Manipulates Your Mind

Has anyone ever made you question your reality? How gaslighting manipulates your mind.

Why You Lie To Yourself More Than Others

Do you lie to yourself? Be... honest. This week we cover the psychology of self-deception.

The Power of Curiosity

All forms of curiosity, even silly hypotheticals, are important – they can lead to practic

How Halfalogues Manipulate Your –

A halfalogue is that distracting half-of-a-conversation that you overhear.

What If We Were All Optimists?

Surprise! You're more optimistic than you think.

How Remixes Hijack Your Brain

I explore how the remix, a product of this participatory creativity, hijacks your brain.

How to Think Like Einstein

We explore some practical tips for boosting your creativity and generating ideas.

The Neuroscience of Creativity

Your brain uses different pathways to communicate, forming complex networks in your brain.

The Surprising Similarities Between Twister and Intelligence

The flexibility of brain connections can indicate how quickly we can learn or multitask.

Artificial Intelligence Can Hallucinate, Too.

How Artificial Intelligence differentiates and hallucinates.

Artificial Intelligence Solved This Audio Illusion. Can You?

The Cocktail Party Effect for Artificial Intelligence.

The Sounds That Are Unbearable (Misophonia explained)

Exploring Misophonia, a sound sensitivity syndrome.

Can You Visualise This? (Aphantasia Explained)

Some people don't imagine things in a visual way.

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