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Inside the Black and Latino Ballroom Resurgence

Devin-Norelle explores the Queer Black & Latino ballroom culture in Buffalo, New York.

Lesbians are Tackling AI’s Biggest Curse

Discover Lesbians Who Tech & Allies and how the Queer community can confront bias in AI.

How a Transgender Sober Hiker Found Herself in Nature

Lyla Harrod, a sober, transgender woman, heals by hiking the country’s longest trails.

How This LGBTQ+ Bowling League Has Saved Lives for Decades

For decades, this LGBTQ+ Bowling League has challenged homophobia in sports.

How One Queer Friendly Book Club Thrives in the Era of Book

In the face of censorship and bans against LGBTQ+ stories stands a courageous book club.

About Brave Spaces

Host Devin-Norelle (ze|zim) explores LGBTQ+ stories of triumph, transformation, and celebration in Brave Spaces. From book clubs and sports leagues to places of worship and the great outdoors, Devin- Norelle meets courageous heroes who, in the face of efforts to exclude Queer voices, are standing up to centuries of hate in order to shape a world where love always wins.

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