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Episode 1

In a small Danish town, a local businessman gets the chance to invest in electric curlers.

Episode 2

Axel attends the year's largest beauty fair. Birthe's husband is diagnosed with leukemia.

Episode 3

Birthe tries to raise money for Jorgen's chemotherapy. Axel hits rock bottom.

Episode 4

Axel borrows from the bank to build a factory. Now he just needs the customers.

Episode 5

The factory is open! Birthe is in charge of HR; Axel and Frans need a slogan.

Episode 6

Frans accepts a job from Benjamin, a fashion photographer in Copenhagen.

Episode 7

Birthe's Christmas is ruined. Axel spends his holiday trying to win back his family.

Episode 8

Axel and Frans return home with a huge order--and a tremendous amount of pressure.

About Carmen Curlers

What began as two employees working out of a basement in 1963 grew into a worldwide phenomenon with a staff of thousands operating around the clock in a huge factory--complete with a helipad, a private kindergarten, and even its own fire station. From Walter Presents, in Danish with English subtitles.

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