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Mitt Romney on His Failure to Focus on Minority Voters

Romney reflects on his father's legacy, and on his lack of focus on minority voter groups.

The Highs and Lows of Mitt Romney's Campaign

The impact of Romney's 47 percent comment and first debate performance.

Dukakis’ Tank Moment

The Dukakis’ campaign misjudged the imagery of riding in a tank.

Why Michael Dukakis Decided to Run for President

Dukakis discusses how he came to run for president, and his shock at presidential abuses.

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Hart and Jackson — The Visionaries

Gary Hart and Jesse Jackson were giant personalities with big ideas on a new world order.

Goldwater and Reagan — The Conservatives

Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan defined the modern conservative movement and the GOP.

Perot and Nader — The Independents

Ross Perot and Ralph Nader challenged the two-party system and ran as independents.

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