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Barry Goldwater's defiant 1964 Convention Speech

Goldwater's defiant 1964 Convention speech ultimately scared off voters.

Ronald Reagan's Emergence as "The Great Communicator"

Reagan's speeches on the economy, shrinking government, and optimism won over voters.

Ronald Reagan's loss at the 1976 Republican Convention

Though Reagan lost, his gracious comments after his defeat made a lasting impression.

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Perot and Nader — The Independents

Ross Perot and Ralph Nader challenged the two-party system and ran as independents.

Ferraro and Palin — The Trailblazers

Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin challenged the notion of what makes a strong VP.

Bush and Obama — The Master Strategists

George W. Bush and Barack Obama were two of the best campaigners in modern history.

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