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Ross Perot's Rise From Humble Beginnings

Ross Perot’s humble background and early career led to bold decisions later in life.

Ross Perot Builds a Third Political Party

Despite not having the normal trappings of a campaign, Perot successfully builds a base.

Ralph Nader Decides to Run in 2000

Nader wanted to shift politics to favor the people.

Nader vs the Democratic Machine

Nader refused to drop out, and wasn't able to reach out to the Democratic party.

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Ferraro and Palin — The Trailblazers

Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin challenged the notion of what makes a strong VP.

Bush and Obama — The Master Strategists

George W. Bush and Barack Obama were two of the best campaigners in modern history.

Goldwater and Reagan — The Conservatives

Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan defined the modern conservative movement and the GOP.

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