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The Future of Artificial Intelligence #20

In our final episode of Crash Course AI, we're going to look towards the future.

Cats vs Dogs? Let's Make an AI to Settle This (LAB) #19

Jabril tries to make an AI to settle the question once and for all.

Algorithmic Bias and Fairness #18

We're going to talk about 5 common types of algorithmic bias we should pay attention to.

Web Search #17

Search engines are just AI systems that try to help us find what we’re looking for.

Let’s Make a Movie Recommendation System (LAB) #16

We need to save Jabril and John Green Bot’s movie nights.

How YouTube Knows What You Should Watch #15

We’re going to talk about recommender systems.

Humans and AI Working Together #14

We’re going to focus on the benefits of humans and AI working together.

Let's Make an AI that Destroys Video Games (LAB) #13

We create a game and then build an AI to destroy it.

AI Playing Games #12

One of the best test spaces for building new AI systems are games.

Robotics #11

Robots are built to perform specific tasks.

Symbolic AI #10

Symbolic AI represents problems using symbols and then uses logic to search for solutions.

Reinforcement Learning #9

Reinforcement Learning.

Make an AI sound like a YouTuber (LAB) #8

Let’s try to help John Green Bot sound a bit more like the real John Green using NLP.

Natural Language Processing #7

One of the most common ways we interact with computers is through language

Unsupervised Learning #6

We’re moving on from artificial intelligence that needs training labels.

How to Make an AI Read Your Handwriting (LAB) #5

John Green Bot wrote his first novel!

Training Neural Networks #4

We’re going to talk about backpropagation.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning #3

We're combining the artificial neuron we created into an artificial neural network.

Supervised Learning #2

We’re going to teach John Green Bot how to tell the difference between donuts and bagels.

What Is Artificial Intelligence? #1

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

About Crash Course: Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to Crash Course Artificial Intelligence! In this series host Jabril Ashe will teach you the logic behind AI by tracing its history and examining how it’s being used today. We’ll even show you how to create some of your own AI systems with the help of co-host John Green Bot! AI is everywhere right now and has the potential to do amazing things in our lives.

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