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Reaching breaking point: Materials, Stresses, and Toughness:

Let's take a look at the materials used in engineering and their various properties.

Mass Separation

Separating chemicals is useful for many reasons. How do engineers do it?

Drugs, Dyes, and Mass Transfer

Let's explore mass transfers, the forces that drive them, diffusion and Fick's Law.

How Not to Set Your Pizza on Fire

Let's explain how exchangers exchange heat so we can decide which are best for our needs.

Heat Transfer

Today we’re talking about heat transfer and the different mechanisms behind it.

Fluid Flow & Equipment

We'll dive further into fluid flow and how we can use equipment to apply our skills.

Stress, Strain & Quicksand

Let's cover mass and energy transfers, the no-slip condition, stress and strain and more!

Heat Engines, Refrigerators, and Cycles

Cycles are kind of a big deal. We use them in heat engines, refrigerators and heat pumps.

Why We Can't Invent a Perfect Engine

It's time to learn the second law of thermodynamics and how we came to understand it.

The First & Zeroth Laws of Thermodynamics

How does thermodynamics work, and where does it show up in our daily lives?

Reversibility & Irreversibility

How do we design the most efficient machines and processes?

The Law of Conservation

Shini explains the law of conservation, beginning with simple, steady-state systems.

Biomedical & Industrial Engineering

Engineering goes beyond the four main branches. Let's see how it applies to other fields.

The History of Chemical Engineering

Let's cover chemical engineering, from soda ash competitions to oil and renewable energy.

Mechanical Engineering

Let's learn about mechanical engineering. It all starts with the steam engine.

Civil Engineering

Shini explains the facets of civil engineering.

What is Engineering?

Shini explains what engineering is, and gives a brief overview of its four main branches.

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