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Writing Systems

We learn about orthographies, the different components that make up a writing system.

Computational Linguistics

We learn about the process of programming computers to process human language.

World Languages

We explore factors to learn about world languages and linguistic diversity.

Language Change and Historical Linguistics

We learn about how and why languages change.

Language Acquisition

We learn about language acquisition and how the process differs for babies and adults.


We learn about psycholinguistics - the field of study of language and the brain.


We learn phonology and the different phonological systems we see in languages.

Phonetics 2 - Vowels

We learn about 6 vowel letters and the numerous sounds we make when using them.

Phonetics 1 - Consonants

We begin our discussion of phonetics, the study of speech sounds.


Learn about the linguistic differences between languages based on various factors.


We cover Grice’s Maxims and the different types of conversational styles.


We learn about semantics and how words' meanings change over time.

Syntax 2 - Trees

We break down what roles different types of words and phrases play within a sentence.

Syntax 1 - Morphosyntax

We start our discussion of syntax and how we morph words into questions and stories.


We’re diving into the topic of morphology and what makes up these things we call words.

What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is the study of language, but what does that even mean?

About Crash Course Linguistics

Welcome to Crash Course Linguistics! Linguistics is everywhere and is super useful for pretty much everyone. Over 16 episodes, Taylor Behnke will teach you all about language, from its structure, to the relationship between language and our identity, the brain, and computers, to writing, language acquisition, and the diversity of human languages!

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