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Frontiers in Zoology

We review all that we've learned in this final episode.

What is a Species?

We try to figure what "species" really means.

Phylogenetic Mysteries

We try to answer mysteries from DNA sequences to where all the baby eels are!


We explore parasites' ecology and evolution in our ecosystem.

Animals Working Together

We dive into the amazing ways animals interact with each other.


We explore sex and gender and how animals pass down genetic information.

Ancestral & Weird Senses

We discuss how animals use senses to explore their environment and communicate.

How Animals Hear

We explore the evolution of ears and animals' genetic adaptations of them.

How Animals See

We walk through the history of eyes, how they work, and vision's evolutionary advantage.

Brainy & Brainless Animals

We take a closer look at brains, how animals use them, and how some evolved to lose them.

How & What Animals Eat

We explore carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores and how animals help redefine food.

Diversity of Bodies & Sizes (but mostly crabs)

We take a look at the various ways animals can grow.

What’s the Most “Animal” Animal?

We try to figure out what that “average” animal would really look like.

What is an Animal?

So what is an animal anyway?

About Crash Course Zoology

Crash Course Zoology will take a rapid deep dive into the weird and wonderful biology of animals. Host, wildlife ecologist, and conservation scientist, Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant will guide us across the tree of life as we endeavor to answer what makes an animal an animal anyway?

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