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Curious Quebec City

Why is French the official language? What's curious about Château Frontenac & Basse-Ville?

Curious Williamsburg

What's so curious in Jamestown, Yorktown & Williamsburg? What was colonial life like?

Curious Glasgow

What's curious about Glasgow Cathedral? Who was Saint Mungo? Why is Glasgow so artsy?

Curious London Shops

What's a Royal Warrant? Who designed Princess Diana's gowns? Why is a Bishop stinky?

Curious Austrian Christmas Markets

What is a Christkindlmarkt? What's the history of Silent Night? Who is Krampus?

Curious Guanajuato City

Why is there a stone giant overlooking Guanajuato? What is the Alley of the Kiss?

Curious Edinburgh

What's curious about: Edinburgh Castle? Old Town's underground? Harry Potter connections?

Curious San Miguel de Allende

How did this UNESCO town get named? Why is it so artsy? How did postcards build a church?

Curious Salzburg

What's curious on Getreidegasse? Where was The Sound of Music shot? Where did Mozart live?

Curious Yorkshire

How are these connected: Quakers & chocolate? The Shambles & Harry Potter? Vikings & York?

Curious Vienna

Who were the Habsburgs? Where did Mozart play? Which symbol is on St. Stephen’s Cathedral?

Curious Dublin

How did Dublin get its name? Who was Maewyn Succat? Why is the harp a symbol of Ireland?

About Curious Traveler

Remember when you were young and had that childlike wonder about everything you saw? Well, Christine van Blokland, the Emmy-winning host and writer of CURIOUS TRAVELER, never quite outgrew that inquisitive phase. As an arts and travel reporter for the past 20 years, she now shares that insatiable curiosity for the exciting, inspiring and beautiful world around us in this unique travel series.

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