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These Rare Damselflies Find Love With a Twist in Fog City

Most damselflies prefer sun, but the quirky San Francisco forktail damselfly digs the fog.

Once a Spawn a Time: Horseshoe Crabs Mob the Beach

Horseshoe crabs may look scary, but really they’re lovers, not fighters.

This Bee Builds Sandcastles at the Beach

Digger bees build a different kind of sandcastle at the beach – it's part of their nest.

The Axolotl Salamander Doesn’t Wanna Grow Up

Can axolotls salamanders thrive once again in their ancestral waters in Mexico City?

Watch These Hermit Crabs Shop for the Perfect Shell

Hermit crabs are more than happy to let snails build them a perfect home.

The Pipevine Caterpillar Thrives in a Toxic Love Triangle

The drama is real for this sultry flower, a gorgeous butterfly and an unlucky fungus gnat.

Scorpions Are Predators With a Sensitive Side

Scorpions are notorious predators, but they also have delicate sensory organs.

The Undying Hydra: A Mini-Monster That Defies Aging

The hydra, named after a mythical multiheaded monster, may be the secret to eternal youth.

Leaf Miner Fly Babies Scribble All Over Your Salad

This fly’s larvae tunnel inside greens like arugula and kale, leaving squiggly marks.

Why Did the Mexican Jumping Bean Jump?

Each seed is home to a head-banging moth larva, trying to survive the Sonoran Desert sun.

Born Pregnant: Aphids Invade With an Onslaught of Clones

Female aphids are matriarchs of a successful family operation — taking over your garden.

Firebrats and Silverfish Are Rocking Some Old-School Looks

Firebrats and silverfish are pretty darn similar to some of the earliest insects on Earth.

These Acrobatic Beach Hoppers Shred All Night Long

After sunset, tiny crustaceans called beach hoppers emerge from sandy underground burrows.

These Mites Rain Down To Save Your Strawberries

Two tiny mites duke it out on strawberry plants throughout California.

These Silk-Swinging Caterpillars Will Ruin Your Picnic

California oak moth caterpillars eat all the leaves on an oak. Will the tree survive?

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