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Episode 1

Dicte finds the body of a Bosnian woman, but the police try to keep her out of the case.

Episode 2

Out of favor with the police and at work, Dicte will stop at nothing to get to the truth.

Episode 3

Dicte uncovers a secret world of fervent religious beliefs and perverse sexuality.

Episode 4

Dicte finds herself in the limelight when a rival newspaper discovers her secret.

Episode 5

A newborn baby is discovered dead from hypothermia and dehydration.

Episode 6

This case is personal for Dicte and for once, Wagner let’s her into the investigation.

Episode 7

Dicte investigates the death of a man found naked with his eye’s gouged out.

Episode 8

After 24 years apart Dicte has finally found the son she gave up.

Episode 9

Dicte is interviewing a politician when a bomb explodes. Who was the intended target?

Episode 10

Dicte is forced to lie to Wagner to buy herself more time.

About Dicte

Newly divorced crime reporter Dicte Svendsen returns home to Aarhus with her teenage daughter in tow. Plagued by painful memories of growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness and of the son she was forced to give up, Dicte’s new chapter is marred by the ghosts of her past. What’s more, her ex-husband remains irritatingly close to home. From Walter Presents, in Danish with English subtitles.

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