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How the Village Tiger Response Team Scares a Tiger

Volunteers help to save both tigers and human lives by scaring away tigers.

Why the Tide Could Create Man-Eating Tigers

A timelapse film show the tide changes.

The Film Crew Gets Stuck in Tiger Territory

Go behind the scenes see the crew get stuck in the mud where there are tigers lurking.

Meet the Man Who Flies with Vultures

Scott Mason is on a mission to change public opinion of vultures by flying with them!

How to Film Inside a Carcass (GRAPHIC)

The crew shares a behind-the-scenes of how they filmed inside a rotting cow carcass.

Vultures Scavenge a Carcass (GRAPHIC)

A gruesome video showing how vultures scavenge a carcass. Not for the faint hearted.

China's Panda Problem

How rare is a baby panda? China has invested billions in trying to breed them.

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Episode 2 | Plains

See how humans and wildlife can live together on the plains in beneficial partnerships.

Episode 3 | Forests

Saving the world’s forests lies in recognizing their value while they’re still standing.

Episode 4 | Oceans

See how a community of scientists and fisherman can help restore our threatened oceans.

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