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Episode Clips

Tuna Is Tagged in Papua New Guinea

Tagging Tuna in the Solomon Sea using the traditional pole and line fishing technique.

Lemon Shark Birth in Bimini, Bahamas

Doc Gruber is shark midwife to a 10-foot lemon shark.

Tiger Sharks Feast on Turtles at Raine Island, Australia

Tiger sharks feast on Green Turtles drawn to a remote island to lay eggs

Student Scientists Tag a Baby Lemon Shark

Students tag and gather scientific information from a baby lemon shark.

An Interview with Jeremy Jackson, Renowned Oceanographer

An exclusive interview with Dr Doom, Jeremy Jackson and host Sanjayan.

An Interview with Renowned Shark Scientist Doc Gruber

Watch an exclusive interview with Doc Sam Gruber and host Sanjayan.

Shark Scientist Richard Fitzpatrick Tags a Tiger Shark

Richard Fitzpatrick using a specialist piece of equipment to tag a tiger shark.

More Episodes

Episode 5 | Water

See how sharing water with wildlife may be a critical step in our own survival.

Episode 3 | Forests

Saving the world’s forests lies in recognizing their value while they’re still standing.

Episode 2 | Plains

See how humans and wildlife can live together on the plains in beneficial partnerships.

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