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Why Cows Are Important

Expert Jonah Western explains to Sanjayan why cows are good for wild animals.

Maasai and Their Relationship with Their Cows

A Maasai warrior introduces each of his cows by name to host Sanjayan.

Reindeer Castration — Does It Still Happen?

Castrating male reindeer helps to maintain the diversity of the tundra — but how?

An Interview About the Sami Way of Life

Sanjayan learns about how much of Sami life remains based around old traditions.

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Episode 1 | Home

Learn what animals can do for us — and we for them — to give us all a future.

Episode 3 | Forests

Saving the world’s forests lies in recognizing their value while they’re still standing.

Episode 4 | Oceans

See how a community of scientists and fisherman can help restore our threatened oceans.

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