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Wonderful Cichlids: Mouth Breeders

Cichlids are a wonder of evolution. These cichlids use a unique mouth breeding behavior.

Wonderful Cichlids: Playing Dead

Cichlids that have learned to play dead to catch their own dinner!

Wonderful Cichlids: Eating Dirt

Some species of cichlid, which eat tiny insects and crustaceans, will swallow sand.

Wonderful Cichlids: A Cichlid's Shell Is His Castle

A cichlid using a shell to attract a mate.

A Natural History Detective Story: Encountering a Snail

Sanjayan describes why a snail is more dangerous than a hippo.

A Natural History Detective Story: A Shallow Water Problem

Expert Jay Stauffer explains why the problems of Lake Malawi are a shallow water issue.

Sanjayan Gets Snapped

Sanjayan, host of EARTH A New Wild, is photographed by a Samburu tribesman.

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Episode 4 | Oceans

See how a community of scientists and fisherman can help restore our threatened oceans.

Episode 3 | Forests

Saving the world’s forests lies in recognizing their value while they’re still standing.

Episode 2 | Plains

See how humans and wildlife can live together on the plains in beneficial partnerships.

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