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How Humans Lost Their Fur

This small change in our appearance has helped shape the evolution of our entire lineage.

The Rise and Fall of the Tallest Mammal to Walk the Earth

It arose from rhino ancestors, but Paraceratherium took a different evolutionary path.

How Plankton Created A Bizarre Giant of the Seas

Aegirocassis may have been the biggest animal in the Early Ordovician.

Why Do Things Keep Evolving Into Crabs?

What is it about the crab’s form that makes it so evolutionarily successful?

How Ankylosaurs Got Their Clubs

We’ve only started to get to the bottom of how clubs worked and how it developed.

How Plants Became Carnivores

How and why does botanical carnivory keep evolving?

The First and Last North American Primates

Our primate family tree actually originated here!

When Rodents Had Horns

The horns probably had a purpose - one that rodents would likely benefit from today.

The Sea Monster from the Andes

How did this giant marine reptile end up high in the Andes Mountains?

How Ancient Art Captured Australian Megafauna

What if the rock art drawings of strange animals really existed?

The Oddest Couple in the Fossil Record

How did Thrinaxodon and Broomistega become entombed together?

How We Figured Out Fermentation

Fermented foods opened up a whole new nutritional landscape for us.

The Dinosaur Who Was Buried at Sea

Nobody had ever found a specimen like Borealopelta before.

The Biggest Frog that Ever Lived

Untangling the origins of Beelzebufo -- the giant frog that lived alongside the dinosaurs.

The Story of the Dino Stampede

To try to solve the puzzle of Lark Quarry, experts have turned to paleoichnology.

How the Walrus Got Its Tusks

A story that spans almost 20 million years.

When Dinosaurs Chilled in the Arctic

How were they able to survive in this harsh environment?

The World Before Plate Tectonics

This period was anything but boring.

When Dinosaur Look-Alikes Ruled the Earth

These animals truly ruled the Earth, becoming both abundant and diverse.

How We Identified One of Earth’s Earliest Animals

The key to solving the puzzle of Precambrian life was a tiny bit of fossilized fat.

The Two Viruses That We’ve Had For Millions of Years

The two viruses that we’ve had for millions of years.

How Plants Caused the First Mass Extinction

The arrival of plants on land would eventually help cause a massive extinction event.

How the Andes Mountains Might Have Killed a Bunch of Whales

Cerro Ballena has over 40 skeletons of marine mammals from the Late Miocene Epoch.

The Risky Paleo Diets of Our Ancestors

Part of a secret to our success as a species has been our early experimentation with food.

When a Billion Years Disappeared

Some rocks below the Great Unconformity are 1.2 billion years older than those above it.

How Dogs (Eventually) Became Our Best Friends

It took thousands of years of interactions to develop our deep bond with dogs.

How the Egg Came First

We’re here to tell you: The egg came first.

About Eons

Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era — the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.

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