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Episode 1

Sarah finds herself in a small village and quickly finds her presence is unwanted.

Episode 2

Back at Fatale-Station, Sarah must face the wrath of Eddy.

Episode 3

Francois is torn between devotion to his wife and his insatiable fascination for Sarah,

Episode 4

A mysterious package arrives, which makes Sarah fear that her assailant has found her.

Episode 5

Following the bomb incident, Francois has lost the trust of the Aboriginal community.

Episode 6

Sarah is forced to reveal her true identity.

Episode 7

Tensions in the town are at a high when Denis finds about Carolane’s infidelity.

Episode 8

Francois has disarmed Johanne and decides to drive her to the hospital.

Episode 9

Dylan prowls around Sarah like a predator.

Episode 10

Francois feels compelled to protect Sarah even more. But can he protect her from herself?

About Fatale-Station

Sarah manages to flee a man who has wanted her dead for a long time, and finds herself very, very far from the big city, in the lost village of Fatale-Station. The presence of this foreigner in this pretty but frozen little village transforms the people who live there. Nobody comes to Fatale-Station without having something to hide. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

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