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Shots Fired

Amid record police shootings in Utah, an investigation into the use of deadly force.

Pandora Papers/Massacre in El Salvador

A huge leak reveals hidden assets and deals of the world’s wealthy and powerful.

Taliban Takeover

The Taliban take over Afghanistan, and the threat of ISIS and Al Qaeda intensifies.

Boeing's Fatal Flaw

An investigation of Boeing’s flawed 737 Max jet and the crashes that killed 346 people.

America After 9/11

FRONTLINE traces the U.S. response to the 9/11 attacks and the devastating consequences.

In the Shadow of 9/11

How seven men in Miami were indicted for the biggest alleged Al Qaeda plot since 9/11.

Leaving Afghanistan/India's Rape Scandal

Investigating the consequences of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Power of the Fed

When COVID struck, the Federal Reserve stepped in to try to avert economic crisis.

Germany's Neo-Nazis & the Far Right

FRONTLINE investigates the rise of far-right extremism and violence in Germany.

The Jihadist

A Syrian militant called a terrorist by the U.S. seeks a new relationship with the West.

The Healthcare Divide

An investigation into growing inequities in American healthcare exposed by COVID-19.

Escaping Eritrea

An unprecedented undercover investigation into one of the world’s most repressive regimes.

The Virus That Shook The World (Part Two)

Part two of the epic story of people around the world living through the pandemic.

The Virus That Shook The World (Part One)

The epic story of how people around the world lived through the year of the pandemic.

American Insurrection (2022)

Investigating the threat of far-right violence in America a year after the Capitol attack.

Death Is Our Business/Love, Life & the Virus

At Black-owned funeral homes in New Orleans, COVID-19 reshapes the grieving process.

Iraq's Assassins/COVID in Yemen

How Iranian-backed Shia militias are terrorizing Iraq.

China's COVID Secrets

The untold story of the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and how China responded.

Trump's American Carnage

How Trump stoked division, violence, and insurrection throughout his presidency.

President Biden

The story of how crisis and tragedy prepared Joe Biden to become America’s next president.

A Thousand Cuts

"A Thousand Cuts" goes inside the war between the Philippine government and the press.


FRONTLINE explores and illuminates the critical issues of our times - from business and health to social issues, politics and war.

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