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One Vision – Two Coasts

East and west coast gardens share similarities; a gardener learns to walk tall in both.

The Wild Wild West

Desert garden chores of nearly 100 species take a physical toll; stretching offers relief.

Three Sisters and a Brother

A gardener spends her time planting heirloom crops and embraces fitness in her life.

Clipped to Perfection

Clipping large-scale topiaries leads to back pain easily relieved with a few simple turns.

Thinking Outside the Boxwoods

A gardener plays with traditional design and finds relief with counter movement therapy.

The Stable Vegetarian

We visit a vegetarian gardener as he makes a unique fitness plan in his produce paradise.

Barefoot and Fancy Free at 95

A spry 95-year-old walks through her garden and gets help keeping her sure-footedness.

Saffron Splendor

Join the harvest at the largest American saffron farm as gardeners find back pain relief.

Propagation on the Prairie

A 5 acre prairie-style garden is the setting for simple exercises that alleviate aches.

Welcome to the Jungle

Tour a Miami tropical habitat and see how strength training enables body maintenance.

Bringing African Farming Home

A farm uses African gardening practices and a gardener embraces new fitness habits

Zen Garden

Enjoy a Japanese garden and see how balancing your body promotes pain-free weeding.

Meet Renny Reynolds

Gardening on a grand scale causes grand aches; pruning adjustments are the solution.


Discover how to take care of your body while taking care of your garden with expert gardener Madeline Hooper and personal fitness trainer Jeff Hughes. Tour gardens across America and learn gardening tips and techniques to avoid stress and injury. Distributed nationally by American Public Television.

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