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The Complicated History Of The Confederate Flag

There wasn't just one confederate flag, there were dozens.

The Lasting Impact of Women in The Civil War

When the Civil War began, women were able to take on a variety of new roles.

The Secret Life and Art of Henry Darger

Henry Darger is one of the most famous outsider artists in the world.

Why Do We Like To Be Afraid?

From horror movies to roller coasters, we like to be in situations that scare us.

Can We Make a Pet Dinosaur?

Can Dinosaurs be brought back from extinction?

Inside Biosphere 2

Craig goes to Biosphere 2 and to see the science of recreating the Earth's ecosystems.

What Does it Take to be a Professional Wrestler?

Carl Wilson has been a freelance professional wrestler for over a decade.

What is the Power Grid?

Joe Hanson helps give Craig the rundown on energy and the electrical grid.

What the Heck is Dark Matter?

85% of the mass of our universe is made up of dark matter.

Facing a Fear of Heights

Our producer Sam reveals his greatest fear and goes to the top of a skyscraper.

How Hard is it to Run a Marathon?

At the start of last year, Craig decided to run a marathon.

Earthships: Living Off The Grid

An Earthship is a fully renewable, carbon-neutral home.

Will Bananas be Wiped Out By Disease?

Bananas all over the world are at risk! What can we do to save them?

The Next Great Moon Race

It's been over four decades since the US went to the moon.

Why We Need a Revolution In Energy Storage

To start using renewable fuels, we're going to need a revolution in energy storage.

Can We Find an Earth-Like Planet?

Exoplanet research is a young science but it is growing up fast.

Why Does Charles Trippy Put His Life on the Internet?

Charles Trippy has been uploading his life to youtube every day for 7 years.

How to Start a Fire the Old Fashioned Way

The Good Stuff Crew drops Craig in the middle of the woods.

Why Are Roller Coasters Awesome?

Roller Coasters are one of the oldest and most popular thrill rides.

Craig Goes To Space! . . . Camp!

What does it take to be an astronaut?

The Rare Albino Squirrels of Olney, Illinois

Olney is a small midwestern town like any other. Except for its squirrels.

Can You Build A Warp Drive (In A Garage)?

David Pares is building a warp drive. In his garage.

Visiting Area 51

Area 51 might be the most well-known top secret military base in the world.

How Hackers are Making the World Safer

Is hacking good or bad? Can hackers make us safer?

What's it Like to Go Skydiving?

Craig heads over to Skydive Chicago and puts his courage to the ultimate test.

Is Nuclear Power Good Or Bad?

We used to think nuclear power would solve all of our energy problems.

What if The Civil War Were Tweeted?

The American Civil War was a huge news story.

From the Abolitionist Movement to #BlackLivesMatter

The abolitionist movement of the 19th century helped galvanize the US against slavery.

How the US Government Became So Big

Before the Civil War, the US government was tiny.

The Origins Of Government Surveillance

Using spies during war is nothing new, but the Civil War changed everything.

The Birth of Modern Medical Care in America

Doctors during the Civil War were forced to re-think their methods for medical care.

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