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Dinosaur Parasites!

Even the mighty T. rex was covered in creepy, crawly parasites.

What Happens When You Get Rabies?

Rabies may have lead to legends of werewolves, vampires, and zombies.

Why Does This Frog Have So Many Legs?!

These frogs can have up to TEN back legs.

The Case For Eating Bugs

I ate a lot of bugs...and (mostly) liked them.

Grow Your Own Crystals!

What should you do with the borax you have leftover from making slime?

What Does Lead Poisoning Do To Your Brain?

How does lead damage our brains—and what can we do to stop it?

Are Bees the Addicts of the Animal Kingdom?

Bees get more than just nectar from the flowers they visit.

Meet The Frog That Barfs Up Its Babies

These extinct frogs used to barf up their babies.

The Strangest Plant In The World?!

The plant Hydnora africana is a parasite that smells foul...

What Your Earwax Says About You

Your gross earwax can reveal a ton about who you are.

Is Fear Contagious? | Gross Science

Fear may be able to spread from person to person—just like a virus.

Everything You Didn't Want To Know About Snot

You swallow a ton of snot every single day. Welcome to the gross world of mucus.

Plants Use An Internet Made of Fungus

It's called the "Wood Wide Web."

Sea Cucumbers Have Multipurpose Butts

Meet the most versatile butts in the animal kingdom.

The REAL Rudolph Has Bloody Antlers and Super Vision

Santa's reindeer just got a whole lot more interesting.

Can Bird Poop Make Clouds?

Bird poop could help clouds form, keeping our planet a little bit cooler. Gross!

Electronics Powered by Fish Scales

What should you do with stinky old fish skins? How about powering your cellphone?

Defensive Vomiting

If you're attacked you could run away, fight back...or you could barf. Gross!

Help a Snail Find True Love!

You can help a special snail find a mate—while also helping scientists unravel a mystery.

What Sound Does An Ant Make?

Ant language sounds wacky—and can be hacked.

The Chemistry of Skunk Spray

How do you get rid of skunk odor? Don't use tomato juice... use chemistry!

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

It's called "coprophagia," and lots of dogs do it.

Is Inbreeding Really That Bad?

Inbreeding...It's hugely taboo for us, but lots of organisms do it.

The Food Poisoning Lurking In Your Freezer

Listeria turns your own cells against you.

Are There Dead Wasps In Figs?

Figs aren't exactly fruits...but that's not the only bizarre thing about them.

How (and Why) to Make a Pill Out of Poop

The latest clinical trials for poop pills that can fight a gut infection failed.

What Really Causes Sunburns?

The way the sun damages your skin is weirder than you ever thought.

4 Deadly Carnivorous Plants

Here are four ingenious ways carnivorous plants catch their prey.

Sea Turtles Get Herpes, Too

Sea turtles can get herpes. And human pollution might be making their flare-ups worse.

Science, Sex Bias, and...Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Science has historically ignored females, whether they're insects, lab rats, or humans.

The World's Most Expensive Fungus

The priciest fungus in the world is a parasite that grows from a caterpillar’s head.

Hookworms and the Myth of the "Lazy Southerner"

The stereotype of the "lazy Southerner" may have been caused by hookworm infection

Why Am I Obsessed With Gross Stuff?

Thanks for watching me make a fool of myself for one whole year!

Three Facts About Periods

Knowing more about periods is important for everyone’s health.

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