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The Real History of the Partition in Ms. Marvel

We explore the real history of the partition of India and Pakistan and the British crown.

Why Kate Bush’s Viral Success is Radical

What does “Running Up that Hill” tell us about the history of music royalties?

The Surprising Origins of Vampires

Our fascination with vampires has spanned centuries, but it didn’t all start with Dracula.

The Untold Origins of the Black & Blind Musician

Why does blindness seems like a common thread among Black musicians?

What Does Dirty Dancing Have To Do With Abortion?

Dirty Dancing is an iconic film from 1987, but do you remember what it’s really about?

What We Can Learn From These Native American Comedies

A new wave of Native American comedies, by native peoples, are taking back the narrative.

What Is Pansexuality And Why Is It So Popular In Modern TV

Defining pansexuality can be tricky. Also, how do you distinguish between pan and bi?

What Is The Asian Himbo And Why Is This Character So Popular

We break down Hollywood’s new type of character: The Asian Himbo.

Why Was Everybody Kung Fu Fighting In The 70s?

We unpack the history of how and why Black Kung Fu films became a sensation in the 1970s.

What Is Blaccent And Why Do People Keep Using It?

What does history tell us about the origins and evolution of Blaccent?

About Historian's Take

In each episode, our favorite historians and their friends give their take on a piece of pop culture to add context and perspective to our favorite media. We’ll unpack an iconic moment or phenomenon in movies, music, television, and more, from show business’s love of Blaccent to deep cuts from our favorite childhood cartoons.

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