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The Link Between Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate and weather are not the same thing.

The Rise of Climate Fiction feat. Lindsay Ellis & Amy Brady

Does Climate Fiction actually change people’s perceptions of climate change?

Our Food System is Rigged feat. Sheril Kirshenbaum

How can something so necessary be so hard?

Are You Scared Enough? feat. David Wallace-Wells

Maybe if you're not scared, you're not paying attention…

Feeling Guilty About Climate Change feat. Hank Green

Do you have complicated feelings about fossil fuels?

Climate Change is Too Big for our Brains feat. Mike Rugnetta

What can circles and squares from a 19th century novella tell us about Climate Change?

What’s The Best Car For The Climate?

Say you’re looking to buy a car. How do you pick the best car for the planet?

How to Talk About Climate Change

Talking about climate change is hard. Not talking about climate change is easy.

How To Make Clothes Less Terrible for the Planet

How To Make Clothes Less Terrible for the Planet

How To Suck Carbon Dioxide Out of the Sky

For eons, life survived on Earth because natural processes kept CO2 levels within limits.

Will Big Oil Have To Pay Up Like Big Tobacco?

Fossil fuel companies are being taken to court just like tobacco companies were.

How One Conservative Texas Town Went 100% Renewable

How One Conservative Texas Town Went 100% Renewable

Can We Get Solar Power To Everyone Who Wants It?

Can We Get Solar Power To Everyone Who Wants It?

Coral Reefs Are Dying. But They Don’t Have To.

Can science bring back Coral Reefs?

How A Sticker Kept 3 Billion Tons of CO2 Out of The Air

Energy efficiency standards have quietly helped people save money – and the planet.

Can Farms and Forests Coexist?

Figuring out how to farm with trees could help us fight climate change.

How Much Energy Does the Internet Use?

3.6 billion people surf the web. How much energy does that use?

What Indigenous Communities Teach Us About Climate Change

Knowledge from indigenous cultures could help us understand how the climate is changing.

What if Carbon Emissions Stopped Tomorrow?

If we kicked our carbon addiction tomorrow, what would that mean for global warming?

Could climate change make you allergic to meat?

Disease carrying critters now have more space and time to take a bite out of you and me.

What's actually the worst greenhouse gas?

Which of the many greenhouse gases are heating Earth the most?

Climate change will push millions out. Where will they go?

Many need to leave their homes to escape climate impacted disasters. Where will they go?

Why Are Hurricanes Getting Stronger?

Lets look at how a warming planet and warming oceans amplify our worst storms.

Could Space Mirrors Cool The Globe?

What if we could reflect some of the sun’s energy with space mirrors!?

Who Should Pay To Fix Climate Change?

The majority of greenhouse gas emissions are now coming from large developing countries.

Beef Is Bad For The Climate. Can We Make It Better?

What can we actually do to make beef less bad for the environment?

What If We Burned All The World's Fossil Fuels?

We have enough fossil fuels to make Earth intolerable so we must not burn them all.

Why Don’t We Hear About the Ozone Hole Anymore?

Can we learn anything from almost fixing the hole in the ozone layer that will help us?

Would Your Neighbors Save You From a Flooding Home?

Building stronger relationships might be one of the best ways to prepare for a flood.

What the Cutest Animal Can Teach Us About Saving Ourselves

What can the adorable pika teach humans about adapting to global warming?

What Can You Actually Do About Climate Change?

What can you do to make a meaningful difference in decreasing the carbon footprint?

Why We Confuse Weather and Climate

Our experience of weather can have a big effect on how we view climate change.

Why Climate Change is Unjust

Climate change affects humans in every corner of the world.

What Happened to Nuclear Power?

Nuclear power plants are aging and retiring worldwide.

We’ve Ignored Climate Change For More Than a Century

We've known about climate change for awhile, but why do we find it hard to act?

About Hot Mess

Hot Mess is a show about how climate change impacts all of us, and about how we can create a better future for our planet and ourselves. Premiering April 19th, 2018!

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