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Strangers In Paradise

Shane tracks down four invasive species that make him reconsider what it means to belong.

Top Predator

From Yellowstone to Mozambique, discover the impact of the planet’s Top Predator: us.

Man's Best Friend

Shane’s love of dogs turns to awe as he discovers their profound impacts on humans.

The Replacements

Shane meets five species that made allies of humans.

The Urban Jungle

Shane explores three thriving urban species and envisions a wilder future for our cities.

The Ground Below

Shane explores the Human Footprint of cotton, from ancient rocks to 21st-century politics.

About Human Footprint

Earth has never experienced anything like us: a single species dominating and transforming the planet. Biologist Shane Campbell-Staton travels the globe to explore our Human Footprint and to discover how the things we do reveal who we truly are.

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