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Sweet Potatoes' Flavor is More Complex Than You Think

Scientists identify sweet potatoes' complex flavor profile to make them more delicious.

Why Corn Needs to be More Resilient

Restaurant owner honors Latine food history. Researchers design corn for the future.

How This Disease Could Wipe Out Citrus...Unless We Stop It

Researchers fight a citrus disease called HLB. Volunteers ensure no food goes to waste.

How Rice is Preserving History and Rethinking Nutrition

Rice holds deep importance to many communities, and could be transformed to fight anemia.

About Hungry Planet

As the climate crisis threatens our food supplies, already marginalized communities will be among the first to feel the effects of dwindling nutritious food. Hungry Planet showcases people's work on understanding the science of the food on our plates and how scientists and communities are working to keep it there for future generations.

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