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Solving Crimes with the Necrobiome

We can’t talk to the dead, but in their own way, the dead can speak to us.

Microbes from Mom — Vaginal Birth vs C-Section

Do you remember your first birthday present? No? Good, because it’s gross.

Can a Fungus Save Plants from Global Warming?

Let's put plants in the spotlight and focus on their best microbial partner: Fungi.

Fecal Microbiota Transplants: The Ins and Outs of FMT

To scientists like Mark Smith, poop is more than just waste – it’s medicine.

A World Without Microbes: An Apocalyptic Thought Experiment

A world without microbes seems at first like a utopia, but let’s take a deeper look.

Nature's Cutest Symbiosis: The Bobtail Squid

An unlikely alliance with bacteria gives this squid an amazing superpower: Invisibility.

A Wasp Mom’s Gift: Blankets of Bacteria

You don’t want to be a honeybee when the beewolf is on the prowl.

Mosquitoes Might SAVE Lives, Thanks To Bacteria

Science is inching closer to an unlikely solution to Dengue fever. Bacteria.

How Giant Tube Worms Survive at Hydrothermal Vents

At the bottom of the ocean, a bacterial discovery reshaped our view of life on earth.

Superbugs That Resist Antibiotics Can Evolve in 11 Days

Antibiotics have a key role in medicine, but using them is not a decision made lightly.

Termites Digest Wood Thanks To Microbes

The next time you spot a termite eating on wood, know that they’re not dining alone.

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