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The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate bridge is an engineering marvel that symbolizes America’s can-do spirit.

Stone Mountain

As the nation wrestles with its past, the fate of Stone Mountain stands in question.

The American Bald Eagle

The story of how the Bald Eagle soared to its vaunted perch in American iconography.

The Statue of Liberty

A look at The Statue of Liberty's evolving meaning as symbol for a “nation of immigrants."

The Cowboy

The cowboy is the quintessential American — fiercely independent, brave and laconic.

The Gadsden Flag

The Gadsden flag has been co-opted by a wide variety of Americans over its long history.

The Hollywood Sign

A look at the L.A. landmark that became an international symbol of the American dream.

Fenway Park

No ballpark is more iconic than Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox

About Iconic America

In this new eight-episode documentary series, David Rubenstein explores America’s 400-year history through a close examination of iconic national symbols such as the Hollywood Sign, Fenway Park, American cowboys and the Statue of Liberty: indelible artifacts, places, and archetypes. Each episode tells the story of an American symbol to reveal its origins, significance and the arc of its resonance.

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