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Is a Tagged Instagram More Than Just a Photo?

Here's an idea: a tagged Instagram is more than just a photo.

Is a DOS Attack a Weapon?

Here's an idea: a DOS attack is a weapon.

Is the Universe a Computer?

The whole universe is an incredibility complex computational system. But for what purpose?

Are You a Hipster?

Hipster - we love to hate them. But what if, deep down, we're all really hipsters?

A Visit to Mr. Monfre's Class

A special Idea Channel episode featuring a visit by Mike to Mr. Monfre's class.

Why Do We Love Zombies?

How can we explain our current fascination with zombies?

Is Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethical?

Idea Channel reflects on the benefit (or threat?) of Artificial Intelligence.

An Interview with Minecraft EDU Creator Joel Levin

An interview with Minecraft EDU's creator, Joel Levin.

Is Sad Music Actually Sad?

What is it about music that makes us feel these feelings we're feeling?

There's No Such Thing as Online?!?

Has the distinction between online and offline become irrelevant?

Do Knock-Offs Prove the Value of a Brand?

Knock-off products might not be as detrimental to a brand as they initially seem.

Is Community a Postmodern Masterpiece?

NBC's Community defies conventions of a traditional sitcom. But is it postmodern?

Will Kickstarter Replace Hollywood?

Kickstarter has transformed fundraising for creatives. But will it topple Hollywood?

Does Math Really Exist?

Idea Channel questions whether math is "real" or a feature of human creation.

Will Space Travel Save Us All?

Mike Rugnetta examines the Overview Effect and the prospect of space travel...for us all!

Is Buying Call of Duty a Moral Choice?

Mike explains why you might think twice before your next video game purchase.

Russian Meteorites and Surveillance Culture

Countless cameras captured a meteorite's crash. Are we becoming a surveillance culture?

Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool?

Minecraft might be good for more than just fun and games.

Is Futurama the Best Argument Against Transhumanism?

Are we destined for a future of blissful paradise or a world like Futurama?

Is Piracy Helping Game of Thrones?

Here's an idea: Game Of Thrones owes its success to piracy.

Are MP3s & Vinyl Better than Live Music?

MP3s vs Vinyl. Recorded vs live - Idea Channel unravels these heated musical debates.

Can Video Games Become the Next Spectator Sport?

Could eSports ever achieve this level of storytelling?

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